Episode 3 of Of The Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast: Agile Methodology

This week, Digital Maelstrom’s CMO Kristopher Stice-Hall continues to be the featured guest on The Scrum Master Toolbox podcast- a daily podcast for Scrum Masters and Agile coaches. Throughout the week, Kristopher will be sharing his personal experiences and words of wisdom as a Scrum Master of over ten years.

The previous podcast of this series can be heard at Scrum Master Toolbox with Kristopher Stice-Hall: Episode 2.

Your Agile Methodology

Kristopher’s third podcast episode is available to listeners. In this episode, Kristopher shares a widely unknown, yet extremely successful tactic which allows each individual team member to deeply understand the process of Scrum and subsequently own it: rotating the role of the Scrum Master.

A plethora of beneficiary reasons exist as to why this tactic should be implemented to help apply additional techniques to your agile methodology. By rotating the Scrum Master role, team members feel as if they have value within their company and their project, they are able to empathize with their teammates, and team member’s notes in the retrospective stage are overwhelmingly positive. Kristopher provides a detailed step-by-step process for effectively implementing this rotation into a team. He tells the story of his first experience applying this tactic to a team after the current project leader was close to quitting, and the commendable results and support of the overall Scrum methodology that followed suit.

Team member headshot of male Digital Maelstrom CMO smiling
Kristopher Stice-Hall
Chief Marketing Officer

Kristopher Stice-Hall has been a Scrum Master for over ten years and has been working in software development for the past 17 years. Digital Maelstrom, an IT Advisory company, offers a wide variety of services in Development, IT Operations, IT Strategy, and IT Security.

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