Managed IT Services

ManAged IT Services: The Key To Consistency

Struggling with IT operations is an issue that affects companies of all sizes. When your company’s technology spreads from person to person, across various departments, and even to different locations, maintaining consistency among everybody can be challenging. This issue becomes even more challenging when technology is involved (which it most likely is). Often, technology changes faster than businesses can evolve in terms of technological tools and IT practices. Without a strong operations management team on-hand, their company-wide confusion will continue. Along with this, many in-house IT teams lack the IT skills or experience necessary to keep every facet of your IT infrastructure running smoothly. Adding managed IT services into your company can uplift and support your information technology position to help your company goals.

A great IT operations program drives your company to the growth, waiting for it ahead. 

Digital Maelstrom provides the expert  managed IT services you need to properly plan, execute, and manage a fantastic Operations structure. Together, we will develop a sound IT operations management program that includes policies, procedures, standards, and success guidelines. We will equip you with systems that help your organization continue moving and growing by managing your IT operations

Cloud Migration

Moving your company data into the cloud is one of the most secure measures for your company. With our cloud migration services, we seamlessly move your IT assets (such as a service, application, or data) from an on-premise environment to a third-party cloud provider.

Cloud Operations

Rely on us for 24/7 monitoring and support of IT systems and processes, so that your internal IT teams are free to go on about their day. Our IT management includes providing useful metrics regarding system use and performance. We take a preventative approach to keep your systems healthy and running optimally.

Change management

With Digital Maelstrom overseeing and managing your organization’s change, you can be rest assured the adjustment will be a breeze. Whether your company is switching platforms, moving to a new software, or experiencing another type of change in your organization’s IT infrastructure, you can feel confident piloting your changes with DM. 

Disaster Planning

In today’s volatile digital world, companies no longer see disaster planning as an afterthought. Many companies today consider IT risk management as an absolute requirement for their IT infrastructure. If disaster strikes, you will be grateful that you decided to invest in your company’s IT protection by having a robust disaster plan.

REmote Worker

What does it mean to have an employee work remotely? What technology do you need to have them be successful? Remote work is not going away, so it is essential to secure your processes, data, and team. How do you do that? Digital Maelstrom can help implement the technologies that make your company and teams successful.