Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services: The Key to Consistency

Companies, small, medium, and large, often struggle with managing their IT operations effectively. Consistent IT management is crucial and can be difficult when your technological infrastructure stretches from employee to employee, department to department, and even to various business locations. At Digital Maelstrom, we offer managed IT services that handle all of these challenges efficiently.

Why Managed IT Services are Crucial

Technology can often advance faster than businesses can keep up in terms of IT practices and technological tools. This is why a competent and effective IT management team ready to help is so important. Managed IT services reduce confusion within the company by providing the skills and experience necessary to operate IT infrastructure smoothly. With the addition of IT operations management, you can improve your information technology posture and help meet company goals.

Comprehensive Managed IT Solutions

At Digital Maelstrom, we provide a professional IT operations program that supports your company’s IT needs from A to Z. Our team helps you plan, perform, and manage IT operations with excellent efficiency. We can help you develop a comprehensive managed IT solution that encompasses IT policies, processes, standards, and guidelines for success. We provide the systems you need to keep your organization protected, moving forward, and experiencing growth.

Contact Us for Managed IT Services and Support

For more information about managed IT support services we offer at Digital Maelstrom, call us today at 816.200.0246 or use our contact form to leave a message with one of our IT advisors.

Cloud Migration

Moving your company data into the cloud is one of the most secure measures for your company. With our cloud migration services, we seamlessly move your IT assets (such as a service, application, or data) from an on-premise environment to a third-party cloud provider.

Cloud Operations

Rely on us for 24/7 monitoring and support of IT systems and processes, so that your internal IT teams are free to go on about their day. Our IT management includes providing useful metrics regarding system use and performance. We take a preventative approach to keep your systems healthy and running optimally.

Change management

With Digital Maelstrom overseeing and managing your organization’s change, you can be rest assured the adjustment will be a breeze. Whether your company is switching platforms, moving to a new software, or experiencing another type of change in your organization’s IT infrastructure, you can feel confident piloting your changes with DM. 

Disaster Planning

In today’s volatile digital world, companies no longer see disaster planning as an afterthought. Many companies today consider IT risk management as an absolute requirement for their IT infrastructure. If disaster strikes, you will be grateful that you decided to invest in your company’s IT protection by having a robust disaster plan.

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