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Digital Maelstrom is a professional IT advisor firm dedicated to helping our clients achieve top-line growth, improve digital experiences, and meet customer demand in a data-driven enterprise.

Unlike other IT support and software companies, Digital Maelstrom doesn’t specialize in one niche industry. Instead, we customize solutions to help you meet your needs and goals in an ever-changing economy with as little disruption to your operations as humanly or technologically possible.

Located in Kansas City, Missouri, we have worked with leading companies in financial services, government organizations, healthcare providers, insurance providers, and a variety of additional intelligent enterprises to provide custom development solutions built specifically to fit your company’s technology needs. Our core values are deeply rooted in our commitment to empathize with our clients and create a positive social impact in our community.


Digital Maelstrom believes security is one of the most vital facets of an organization’s software, and we’re dedicated to showcasing this in our efforts.
We provide the tools to help businesses meet the current business requirements outlined in laws and regulations to effectively prevent cyber threats and keep customer data secure: Secure Software Development (adhering to the SSDLC), risk assessment and classification, penetration testing, and more.


Digital Maelstrom offers carefully-crafted software development services which allow us to successfully plan, execute, and consistently support your organization’s IT initiatives. Our Development services include Cloud Computing, management consulting, and offering interactive training in Agile Methodology to equip teams with the tools to increase productivity significantly.


Our Operations Management team offers top of the line services dedicated to ensuring your business’ website or application runs smoothly and securely. We emphasize security and client satisfaction throughout the entire process.
We offer a variety of Operations services: disaster planning, fostering enterprise growth and boosting software capabilities with cloud migration, overseeing site architecture, and more.

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