IT Strategy

Revamp Your Organization’s Strategy

All business success starts with a solid game plan. Maybe your company is seeking new ways to optimize your existing IT infrastructure. Or, perhaps it’s time for a complete transformation of your organization’s technological strategy. Whatever stage applies to you, Digital Maelstrom is here to guide your company to complete revitalization.

As your dedicated IT consultants, our Strategy team members will meet with you and assess your organization’s current technological practices. This can include your customer relationship management (CRM) tool, the company’s official software, your developers’ practices, management operations, and more. Basically, we will dig in to discover whether or not your business is effectively using technology in all areas. After gathering our information, we will compose and deliver a comprehensive report containing our findings and suggestions for improvement.

Next, our team will work with yours to create a strategic plan for success. Our custom plans contain the best solutions for your company’s unique business practices and organizational goals.

IT Department Assessment

Our team of longtime IT professionals will visit your business on-site to holistically assess your IT department. Afterwards, we’ll send you a review of our findings, a report, and detailed steps for your company’s growth. 

Virtual Enterprise Architect

With this service, one of our most educated and experienced team members will serve as your company’s remote architect. Their priority is to plan and guide your business’ software and IT infrastructure.

Virtual CTO (VCTO)

Digital Maelstrom gives you a dedicated CTO to work with your executive leadership team to bring targeted, effective technology.

Virtual CSIO (VSCIO)

Our team grants your company its very own Virtual CISO. This person manages strategic security policies, procedures, and security operations for your company and manages them.

Agile Team Development

Used by software development teams worldwide, Agile Scrum methodology provides an alternative to the traditional “waterfall” project management style. It takes an incremental and flexible approach to projects for maximum effectiveness.

Architecture Review

First, we will assess your existing software and IT infrastructure. Then we’ll give you a detailed report of our findings, and expert suggestions for improvability.

Architecture Planning

Based on your needs, we provide a roadmap and technology/IT suggestions you can trust to help you reach your architectural goals.