Of All the Software Companies Out There, Digital Maelstrom Makes Sense of Your IT Support

Digital Maelstrom: a situation or state of confused movement or violent turmoil. It’s an appropriate term to describe the digital space from a business’s perspective. Regardless of size, many companies are not scaling fast enough for growth, and this is where we come in. Digital Maelstrom, unlike some other IT support and software companies, does not specialize in a niche industry. Instead, we customize solutions to help you meet your needs and goals with as little disruption to your operations as humanly or technologically possible.

Digital Maelstrom was founded in 2006 in Kansas City, Missouri, and we’re proud to call KC home. We’re small and agile, as well as well versed in Agile software development and Scrum. Our team has a laundry list of certifications, including Amazon Web Services partner status, CISSP, Certified ScrumMaster, MCSA and others.

Our IT support takes the burden off your shoulders of researching and evaluating feature after feature of the market’s solutions. We customize solutions for you or develop one from scratch. Many software companies do that. However, Digital Maelstrom digs into code when others stop. We look at things holistically. Our training and management allow you to confidently take over a software program with detailed and readable documentation and ongoing support when needed.

We Understand the Triple Threat to Business Growth

Software development, operations, and security, held together (or apart) by an overarching architecture make or break your business. Our approach, the value our IT experts bring to the table, and the new perspective an “outsider” brings to the situation neutralizes this triple threat so your business can grow, free from the limitation of your current IT architecture. We partner with companies large and small to:

  • Develop bespoke software
  • Troubleshoot existing projects
  • Update outmoded applications
  • Provide expert IT and legacy code consultation
  • Handle program and platform emergencies

Digital Maelstrom’s knowledge and broad services put the right tools and solutions in place so you receive what works best in your environment instead of changing your structure to fit the system. Taking a 30,000 ft. view is how we stop the digital maelstrom from stunting efficiency, profits, and growth.