Our Process

Agile Scrum Methodology

Our team practices Agile Scrum style of software development. As with all projects, change happens – and it happens often. Developers use the Scrum process to manage the inevitable change that occurs during projects. We believe the regular communication and updates that Scrum provides paves the way for reaching your dream product. 


Infographic showing Digital Maelstrom's steps of the Agile Scrum Methodology

Breaking It Down

Typically, an individual from your company will act as a representative who communicates with us during the project. This company representative, referred to as the Product Owner, helps us prioritize project goals so that progress is made efficiently and effectively. Our team and your company’s Product Owner make up a Scrum Team.

Any idea for a function or feature in the project is a Story. At the project’s beginning, our team and the Product Owner will create several Stories to kick-start the Scrum process. We call this list of stories the Product Backlog. The Scrum Team estimates how long they each believe a Story will take to complete and plan accordingly. Over time, the Product Backlog will change when the team adds new work or finishes existing tasks.

The project timeline occurs in two-week intervals we call Sprints. At the beginning of each Sprint, the Scrum Team chooses several Stories to complete from the Product Backlog.

Occasionally, work may take less time or more time than originally estimated. If the team completes Stories early, developers can start working on Stories in the Product Backlog. If for any reason a Story takes longer than expected, the Scrum Team may reorganize the order of Stories. The Product Owner oversees and grants approval any time the team reassesses a Story.

At the end of the Sprint, DM compiles all of the work together as a Deliverable. This Deliverable is presented to the Project Owner during the Scrum Team’s weekly meeting. The Product Owner gives feedback and suggestions while interacting with the updated project. Although the Deliverable is not complete, it should meet the predetermined goals for that Sprint. Regular communication is necessary at this stage to ensure the Product Owner approves of the updates.

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