Risk Assessment and Classification

IT Risk Assessment is the Critical First Step to Fortifying Security

Every successful information security program starts with a need to assess existing systems and new IT risk management processes being implemented. It’s healthy to question the security posture of any new software application and to review it for possible vulnerabilities before full implementation happens. It’s also a worthwhile exercise to re-assess and validate IT systems and assets when new compliance standards or regulatory actions surface. All are part of an effective IT risk management program.

Digital Maelstrom conducts IT risk assessment by examining both system components and identifying the most likely external threats to your system. We employ the “CIA”, Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability, triad as a core pillar in our IT risk management service. Using the CIA model as guidance, we work with your team through a “threat modeling” exercise that quantifies risk and helps leadership prioritize security efforts and budget.

We’ll deliver the final analysis in an informative, digestible format you can share with project stakeholders and executive leadership.