Penetration Testing

Penetration Test Simulates Attacks to Better Defend Against Them

A vulnerability assessment puts your security program to the test to verify optimal performance before the final go-live. Digital Maelstrom plans and executes an effective penetration test to expose and address any possible vulnerabilities. Our penetration testers work with your team to define the scope of the test components and an appropriate time window for testing.

The penetration test, or vulnerability assessment, follows a series of defined stages:

  • Passive and Active Recon: an investigative step probes the relevant IT systems ahead of the vulnerability assessment
  • Threat Modeling and Vulnerability Analysis: we analyze early information found to devise a plan for later phases
  • Post-Exploitation Analysis: a critical step determines how deep an attacker might get in the target systems
  • Attack Phase: when the multi-point penetration test occurs
  • Documentation Phase: we’ll document all the penetration test’s outcomes
  • Reporting: we present the penetration test results in easy to understand format for project stakeholders