IT Security Services is our Specialty

At the top of most corporate IT goals is ensuring the security of the company’s digital information and systems. Threats to these systems and information are popping up virtually every day. For this reason, it is crucial to implement a comprehensive IT security plan. This plan enables a fast and reliable emergency response when needed and provides consistent IT infrastructure and network protection. At Digital Maelstrom, we offer holistic IT security services to protect your business assets and respond effectively in the case of security breaches or breakdowns.

IT Security Consulting – Developing a Strategy for Your Business

As a trusted provider among IT security companies, we will work with you to create a strategy covering your business IT security requirements. This strategy involves ensuring business continuity and planning for disasters if they happen. Specific cybersecurity threats can be singularly focused on a company’s size, industry, and other factors. For this reason, it is essential to have an IT security consulting group working for you that is highly skilled and experienced in your industry.

You Can Trust Our Experience

The experience of our team includes implementing various IT security skills and technologies. We possess the education, certifications, and years of combined experience to ensure the continuity of your business and IT infrastructure should you face a cyber emergency.

We work with you on a personalized basis to understand all of your IT security concerns. Our team consults with you to discuss the existing technology infrastructure and unique processes of your company. We develop highly effective and proven security solutions to keep your business information and operations safe from this information.

Contact Us for IT Security Services

To let us know about your company’s unique IT security needs and concerns and begin a discussion about the practical solutions we can provide, call us today at 816.200.0246 or reach one of our IT advisors through our contact form.

Check out our list of IT Security services below.

Information security program development

Whether you need to evaluate the security of your existing IT infrastructure or develop a strategic framework for a new IT implementation, success hinges on considering all aspects of your operation. We’re an IT advisor that collaborates closely with you to accomplish an all-points plan for a solid IT security strategy.

Identity management

Digital Maelstrom assists with identity management and single sign-on solutions initiatives by assessing your current system and protocols, comparing it to your IT management goals and designing a secure solution built to these specific requirements. The result is a defined and tailored method of access to your business’ protected assets using proper individual authentication and authorization.

Risk assessment and classification

Every successful information security program starts with a need to assess existing systems and new IT risk management processes being implemented. Digital Maelstrom conducts IT risk assessment by examining both system components and identifying the most likely external threats to your system. In the end, you will receive the final report in an informative, digestible format to share with stakeholders and executives.

Comprehensive Security Audit

A detailed, hands-on IT security audit identifies the key tactical steps that should inform your risk assessment plan. Next, there should be a successful implementation. After giving our team a complete list of requirements, we will perform a comprehensive audit of your organization’s security.

Penetration Testing

A penetration test puts your security program to the test by verifying optimal performance before the final go-live. Digital Maelstrom plans and executes an effective penetration test to expose and address any possible vulnerabilities. We can execute three types of penetration tests: network, system, or application. Our penetration testers work with your team to define the scope of the test components and an appropriate time window for testing.

Secure Software Development Lifecycle

In an age where companies are targeted by cyber attacks often, security is necessary for any organization’s software. Our team follows the Secure Software Development Lifecycle (SSDLC) to help you reach countless organizational IT initiatives. We help companies comply with today’s cyber regulations for businesses and secure the data of their employees and users. By doing this, we help them take steps to avoid being the victim in a costly data breach.

Business Continuity & Disaster Planning

Guarding against digital threats takes top of mind in corporate security efforts, but natural disaster recovery and business continuity planning requires an equally solid strategy and protocol. Our information security professionals help your team create a holistic plan for your business to follow in case of mishap. Further, Digital Maelstrom helps businesses become secure post-disaster. We then create reliable solutions for greater resilience against the unexpected.


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