Virtual CISO Services

A Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO) is someone who provides organizations with the routine cybersecurity services and supports an in-house executive would provide, except more efficient and affordable. A dedicated vCISO can give you day-to-day cybersecurity assistance and advice and design and implement a long-term IT security vision, program, and policy. At Digital Maelstrom, we provide your company with its own vCISO to manage your security policies, processes, and operations as part of our vCISO services.

virtual CISO Services

Benefits of Our vCISO Services

A vCISO is the point person for all security-related issues for a company. This individual is the point of contact with experts who can answer questions when they arise. A virtual CISO responds to cybersecurity incidents, responds to data breaches, and answers any questionnaires related to cybersecurity for customers. A vCISO can also participate in meetings when security guidance and expertise are needed.

Seamless and Cost-Efficient vCISO

Using our cost-efficient and convenient vCISO support model that meshes seamlessly with your team, you can completely upgrade your security profile. Our cybersecurity advisors can provide many of the same services at a fraction of the cost of retaining a full-time Chief Information Security Officer. Also, with the vCISO services and support offered by a dedicated advisor who thoroughly understands your business environment, you can significantly reduce your risk profile.


Security Guidance
Provide up-to-date security advice and intelligence to C-Suite as part of continuously protecting company assets.
Security Program
Create, develop, maintain, enforce, and optimize the company’s security program and its related activities.
Application Security Reviews
Perform internal penetration testing, security audits, data classification, and risk assessments for software. Manage independent external testing vendors, where necessary.
Operational Security Reviews
Perform internal penetration testing, security audits, data classification, and risk assessments for the networking assets.
Business Continuity & Disaster Planning
Defined essential recovery time and recovery point objectives to design, implement, and maintain the business continuity and disaster plan.
Client Representation
Present, meet, manage external relationships (clients, vendors, partners, etc) relating the company’s security posture.
Security Architecture Strategy
Review, develop, optimize, and maintain the company’s security framework.

Contact Us for Managed IT Services and Support

For more information about the virtual CISO services our team offers at Digital Maelstrom, call us today at 816.200.0246 or, using our contact form, send a message to one of our IT advisors.

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