As you may know, there are seemingly never-ending options for IT vendors who can provide specific services. Whether your company needs paper products, tax services, a team of software developers, or nearly anything else: there’s a company that will provide. With all of these options, it can be challenging to find one that meets all of your requirements. Especially requirements that include a remote worker. This challenge can be especially real whenever the vendors are for high-level services, such as IT services. Luckily, our IT consultants’ team is here to help you find the perfect vendor for your company.

Over the years, our team has worked with many IT vendors. With this, we have accumulated valuable experience and insight into what makes a strong candidate. Our Vendor Selection service follows a general model:

Our vendor selection process
Digital Maelstrom Vendor Selection Process
  1. Gather Requirements. First off, your team and ours will (virtually) meet to talk about what you are seeking. We will go over your organizational needs, wants, and the goals you want to achieve with your vendor.
  2. Research and Document Vendor Product Options. Next, our team will conduct in-depth research on vendors and vendor’s products that match your requirements. We will document important information and our reasoning. Of course, this documentation will be readily available to you.
  3. Create Vendor Selection Matrix. At this stage, we will create a custom Vendor Selection Matrix specific to your company. This is a scoring system that assigns a score to each vendor/ vendor product we discovered in our research. This gives us a holistic, more objective view of each option – helping us identify the top options.
  4. Present Findings and Selection Recommendation. Finally, our two teams will meet again to go over our findings. We will present a digestible report containing our research, estimations, thought leadership, and other relevant information.
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