Custom Software Development Services

With Agile Software Development, Anything’s Possible

Digital Maelstrom’s approach to agile custom software development gives you the best of both worlds: systematic and flexible. We lay out a clear process custom-created specifically for the company and your project.

We take our cues from you. Want an internal digital transformation? Enhanced user experience? Mobile customer focus? Chances are high that many of these business trends are on your radar, if not already being implemented. The common factor in each of these IT trends is agile software development.

Outsourcing a custom software dev company to achieve your key business goals can feel daunting. Many companies simply lack the internal resources to deliver end-products quickly, cost-effectively, and with superior quality.

Digital Maelstrom offers essential agile software development services to help you successfully plan, execute, and support your company’s most pressing IT initiatives.

System Integration Services

Our team composes your business’ system and applications in a way that integrates these processes seamlessly. We’ll configure them to all work together harmoniously – leading to new levels of efficiency and business growth.

Software Implementation

From form idea to reality, let Digital Maelstrom make sense of your most complex software project challenges. Digital Maelstrom can help you through each phase of a project from Idea, Design, Planning, Budgeting, Implementation, Testing, and Operations. What stage are you in?

Custom Cloud Software Development

Let our cloud computing team provide your company’s custom cloud solutions. Our experienced team works closely with you to clearly understand your requirements and accessibility needs. We ensure the utmost security, reliability, and scalability for your digital solutions.

Secure Software Development

Secure Software Development integrates security into every step of the development process. With DM’s expert development team and strong security postures, you can be confident your company’s software is functional and secure.

The Digital Maelstrom Dev Process

Every approach to an agile software development project has a unique plan, yet each follows a similar process. Here’s what to expect:

  1. Together, your team and ours will work together to define your high-level goal(s) and the scope of the software project.
  2. We will discuss your requirements in detail and map out your auxiliary systems that contain relevant data for solving the IT problem(s) at hand.
  3. You will receive a project quote based on our development plan to create and execute the highest business value for your organization.
  4. Approved work will then follow a proven agile schedule of one or two-week sprints, which includes regular involvement from you or your appointed project owner. Your team will have full visibility into the progress and pace of development.
  5. Once we complete the project, we will provide a service level agreement of your choosing for bug fixes or additional features you may request in the future.
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