Anything’s Possible With Agile Software Development

Digital Maelstrom’s approach to agile, custom software development gives you the best of both worlds: systematic and flexible. Not only do we lay out a clear process, but also that process based on methodology that works for your project whether it’s one or a blend of many.

We take our cue from you. Want an internal digital transformation? Enhanced user experience? Mobile customer focus? Chances are that at least one if not all these business trends or IT initiatives are on your radar. The common thread through them all is agile software development.

You know it takes a custom software development company to achieve these key business goals. But building that foundation can be daunting if your current development team already has plenty on their plates or you lack the internal resources to deliver what you need quickly, cost-effectively and with superior quality.

Digital Maelstrom offers the essential agile software development services to help you successfully plan, execute and support your most pressing IT initiatives.

The Digital Maelstrom Development Process

Every approach to an agile software development project has a unique plan, but the process is similar. Here’s what to expect:

Together, we’ll define your high-level goal(s) and scope of the software project.
We’ll discuss your requirements in detail and map out your auxiliary systems that contain relevant data for solving the IT problem at hand.
You’ll receive a project quote based on our development plan to create and execute the highest business value for your organization.
Approved work follows a proven Agile schedule of two-week sprints, which includes regular involvement from you or your appointed project lead. So you maintain full visibility into the progress and pace of development.
At each two-week point, you will be asked to review the software and ensure the project development meets your expectations. We strive to put a working, high-quality product in your hands as quickly as possible, so you can see and share steady progress toward your project goal.
Once we complete the project, we will provide a service level agreement of your choosing for bug fixes or additional features you may request in the weeks/months following.