Digital Maelstrom’s Entrance at #409 of 2022 Top private companies in Kansas CIty

TOP Private Companies of kansas city debuts Digital Maelstrom

The list of Top Private Companies of Kansas City presents Digital Maelstrom for the first time ever. The curation of this list is performed by Kansas City Business Journal. This honored list puts Digital Maelstrom alongside many companies like Burns & McDonnell, JE Dunn Construction, and many more.

Our entry into this list shows our commitment to the Kansas City community, our nationwide clients, and our team members.

It is very exciting to be a part of the ever expanding list of privately owned businesses within the Kansas City metro and to be recognized as a company that is growing and working to develop the best talent for our clients.

Jeff Stice-Hall, CEO of Digital Maelstrom

Additional honors are in order

We also want to congratulate other LGBTBE® businesses for their appearances in this year’s Top Private Companies of Kansas City list.  This includes Aspis at 402, Ronwak at 403,  Dutzel’s Catering at 411, Crum Cleaning at 421, Listening to Change at 432 and Civic Saint at 433.

LGBTBE® certifications requires fifty-one (51%) owned, operated, managed and controlled by an LGBT person or person who are either U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents. Also, LGBTBE® must be independence from any non-LGBT business enterprise. They are required to have their headquarters in the United States of America and be legally formed entity within the United States.

About Digital Maelstrom

Digital Maelstrom is a technology advisory firm that specializes in IT strategy through the innovative application of Custom Software Development, IT Operations, and IT Security proficiency and expertise. A maelstrom, better known as a whirlpool, is our symbol of the stormy constant change in technology.

Our team is the tranquil sage who guides the client on their path to accomplish well their business goals. The firm was founded in Kansas City back in 2006 to serve clients from coast to coast, small to large, and everyone in-between.

Digital Maelstrom Media Contact
Kristopher Stice-Hall, CMO

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