Team member headshot of male Digital Maelstrom CMO smiling

Chief Marketing Officer
Head of Marketing and Sales

Kristopher Stice-hall

Kristopher has served as the Chief Marketing Officer of Digital Maelstrom since 2019. He first joined Digital Maelstrom in 2008 as a software developer, and in 2016 he became the Principal Consultant of Development as well as the company’s CMO. In the past, he has been responsible for large software development projects, software life cycle practices, and IT resourcing. Kristopher continues to bring his development expertise and insight to projects within his role as Head of Marketing and Sales. His current responsibilities include creating and managing the company’s annual Marketing and Sales Plan, teaching and guiding businesses through Agile team development, managing inbound and outbound lead generation, gathering metrics to review and inform Marketing and Sales Department of progress and goals, meeting with clients to discuss business strategy and partnerships, designing marketing materials, and managing company vendors. Kristopher received his B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Missouri – Columbia.