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Strategy Consulting Firms like Digital Maelstrom put the client’s goals and objectives first to help them progress forward. Bethany Plants interviewed Digital Maelstrom for the first edition of the Mid-America LGBT Chamber of Commerce Magazine “Business Pride.” Digital Maelstrom talks about how strategy is an essential step in IT operations, IT security, and software development in the article.

[The client] know[s] what they’re doing to take care of their clients. That’s why they’re in the business in the first place. They don’t always necessarily know that there’s technology that can help them make their lives easier.

Plants, Bethany. “Digital Maelstrom Guides Clients through the Maelstrom of Technology.” Business Pride – Summer 21, Mid-America LGBT, July 2021,

About Digital Maelstrom

Digital Maelstrom is a technology advisory firm that specializes in IT strategy through the innovative application of Custom Software Development, IT Operations, and IT Security proficiency and expertise. A maelstrom, better known as a whirlpool, is our symbol of the stormy constant change in technology.

Our team is the tranquil sage who guides the client on their path to accomplish well their business goals. The firm was founded in Kansas City back in 2006 to serve clients from coast to coast, small to large, and everyone in-between.

Digital Maelstrom Media Contact
Kristopher Stice-Hall, CMO

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