Episode 2 of Of The Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast: Kristopher Stice-Hall


This week, Digital Maelstrom’s CMO Kristopher Stice-Hall continues to be the featured guest on The Scrum Master Toolbox podcast- a daily podcast for Scrum Masters and Agile coaches. Throughout the week, Kristopher will be sharing his personal experiences and words of wisdom as a Scrum Master of over ten years.

The first podcast of this series was released on Monday, April 22nd and can be heard at Scrum Master Toolbox with Kristopher Stice-Hall: Episode 1.

Stice-Hall’s second podcast episode is available today- Tuesday, April 23rd. In this episode, Stice-Hall shares the most influential book to his career: User Stories Applied by Mike Cohn. Stice-Hall shares his largest takeaways and concepts gained from Cohn’s book and how they have been effectively utilized by his team at Digital Maelstrom. Of these takeaways, Stice-Hall shares a simple, successful method for how teams may use User Stories to improve workflow and to see from the user’s point of view.

Scrum Master Stice-Hall shares a personal story about a team’s failure to effectively communicate with product owners- eventually resulting in serious problems within their Scrum process and their company as a whole. In addition to this example, he details how to prevent miscommunication within user stories and instead achieve success in working with product owners.

Kristopher Stice-Hall has been a Scrum Master for over ten years and has been working in software development for the past 17 years. His IT Advisory company, Digital Maelstrom, offers a wide variety of services in Development, IT Operations, IT Strategy, and IT Security.

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