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Data Migrations Shouldn’t Be Cliffhangers

A Cliffhanger Let’s set the scene. Your organization operates a custom database-driven PHP application. The development team has implemented and tested an exciting new feature that requires structural modifications to the database. The operations team is in the process of releasing the new version into production. They start to manually apply the modifications to the […]

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When better business demands better data flow: How you’ll know when it’s time to integrate systems

“It doesn’t matter who we are, what matters is our plan.” It’s a fitting thought for a superhero, and not a bad one for a growing business, either. Once your aspirations begin to become reality, your achievements grow, but your responsibilities to clients grow even more. And when those obligations expand, it becomes harder to […]

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What You Should Know About the True Cost of Network Security

Your network is under siege. Yes, yours. Constantly. Every second of the day. Digital assets and information stored on your network are valuable to someone somewhere, even if your business doesn’t store credit cards, personal identification information, or anything protected under federal law. Hackers, digital pirates or whatever you want to call them can do […]

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