What Is IT Strategy Consulting?

Information technology (IT) is undoubtedly a crucial part of any business. IT helps keep sensitive data secure, organizes vital company information, and aids in delivering better customer service. It also unearths new insights about customers, products, and opportunities.

Businesses also utilize IT for market research, giving them an edge over competitors. Whether your business is large or small, IT helps manage day-to-day operations by promoting efficiency across all departments.

Like all complex systems (logistics, sales and marketing, production), using technology to manage business information requires a strategy to govern the many smaller details. Many business leaders believe that tech runs itself. Others fail to recognize the unbelievable complexity in the systems and machines.

More often than not, companies simply adopt conventional IT services without thoroughly considering how it might work for their setup and objectives. At the same time, tried-and-tested ideas might not always provide the best solutions.

Similarly, emerging software may appear innovative but might not be compatible with your business’s current setup or scale. Likewise, technology problems can occur over time without human hand or influence, or a business may change internally in a way that is no longer compatible with the existing technology.

Adopting the right strategic plan helps owners understand why problems can emerge despite all best practices and intentions, while keeping them ahead of such issues. In this case, an IT strategy consulting service will be able to provide valuable insight that can better shape your company’s IT structure and improve on its efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

What Is IT Strategy?

Grasping what constitutes IT strategy is essential before defining IT strategy consulting. Generally, IT strategy pertains to how business information flows into and out of software, hardware, equipment, networks, data centers, and cloud technology. Similarly, it involves the management of these operating systems for a business or company.

You would view these IT aspects in relation to your company’s policies, employees, and objectives. In essence, IT strategy is how the technology you use for business can affect your internal and external procedures.

Meanwhile, IT strategy consulting is when you hire an IT strategy consultant or firm to help improve your company’s IT infrastructure and processes. The concept and functions of an IT strategy consulting service can be best understood by looking at how it can help your company:

Spot Areas for Improvement

By assessing your existing IT strategy, IT strategy consulting firms can identify your current IT environment. This generally includes how data is managed, what processes are in place, what software and hardware are used to implement procedures or policies, etc. This assessment gives an IT consulting service a bird’s-eye view of your company’s operations, allowing them to determine whether your goals align with existing procedures. By examining these elements, an IT strategy consulting service can identify areas you can improve on.

For instance, an IT strategy consulting service can check whether your method for documentation is optimal for your company. If not, an IT strategy consultant will recommend adjustments in terms of automation or information organization.

Enhance Security

As technology has evolved, so have cyberthreats. While many companies might feel confident in their IT security practices, not all realize that they could still be prone to the effects associated with data breaches and security threats. Such effects include data loss, revenue loss, reputation damage, fines, penalties, and an undermined competitive edge.

IBM reported that in 2021, the cost of data breaches increased to $4.24 million, which was the highest cost in 17 years. This data clearly shows that security threats are not only here, but they are growing.

By working with an IT strategy consulting service, you can have IT professionals evaluate the effectiveness of your business’ security system. They can also alert you on what steps should be taken to address potential security issues and fortify existing safeguards.

Additionally, an IT strategy consulting service can suggest steps to reinforce your company’s security practices further. This reinforcement is crucial as it ensures your company’s data and people are safe by protecting the personal information of your employees and clients.

Thorough Software Selection

As mentioned, some companies have the tendency to select software based on their popularity among other organizations. However, each business has its own set of goals and processes that might not be compatible with certain enterprise software systems, such as customer relationship management (CRM) tools.

An IT strategy consulting service can help in this regard by determining which software provider fits best for your company’s procedures, scale, and budget. IT strategy consulting services can also come up with a short list of options that will help you choose which software solution can help you achieve long-term goals.

Focus on Core Tasks

Ideally, your company’s IT structure should make daily operations more manageable despite the attendant complexities of your business. However, a poor IT strategy can lead to just the opposite, thus making things more difficult for you, your staff, and even your customers. Bugs in your system can result in delays; incompatible software can lead to inefficiency and unproductivity. At the end of the day, all this can translate into lost profits.

Instead of trying to troubleshoot issues on your own, bringing in the expertise of an IT strategy consulting firm can help you focus on core tasks. As a business owner, you need to be able to drive the business forward, so it’s best to let IT strategy consulting firms handle IT-related issues and help you augment forward propulsion.

Automated Processes

The IT strategy arm is responsible for taking a business program to help the company craft a solution using technology, process, and people. For instance, at DM, we have clients with highly manual processes that they wish to automate. Automated processes can help them dedicate human resources toward more complex problems to better allocate their time and energy.

All the Support You Need and More

With an IT strategy consulting service, your business is in a better position to operate at maximum efficiency. If you want to learn more about IT strategy consulting, experts at Digital Maelstrom can help you improve your business’ IT strategy. Allow DM to help you imagine and actualize a better company through smart technology usage. Contact us today to speak with a skilled IT advisor.


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