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Chief Executive Officer
Principal Consultant of Development
Principal Consultant of Security

Jeff Stice-Hall

In 2006, Jeff Stice-Hall had a dream to build an IT consultancy firm that combined the best minds in the industry. His vision was to provide clients with one-stop solutions to their IT challenges. Specifically, this IT Advisor firm would offer software development, IT operations, digital strategy, and information security. As a result, Digital Maelstrom was born. The rest is history.

As the head of Digital Maelstrom, Jeff has the privilege of figuratively wearing many different hats. As head of security, Jeff often works on information security program development, identity/access management, and risk assessment and classification. He also leads comprehensive security audits, penetration testing, Secure Software Development, and business continuity & disaster planning. Additionally, Jeff serves as head of development. In this role, he manages system integration services, software design implementation, Agile team development, and custom cloud software development.

When not directly working on projects, Jeff is managing day-to-day operations within Digital Maelstrom.

Jeff draws on 19 years of diverse experience in systems and network administration, software development, and information security. Notably, he holds a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Kansas. He lives in Kansas City, Missouri with his family and his dog.

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