What Is IT Operations Management And Why Is It Important?

IT operations management is vital for your business. It helps to define the responsibilities and roles inside your company while helping to keep your employees engaged. No matter the challenges an organization might face, having an IT operations management plan will ensure that your company’s production and employee workflow will be unaffected. This blog post discusses in detail and answers the question: “What is IT operations management, and why is it important?”

What is IT Operations Management Used for?

Operations management (ITOM in particular), refers to the requirements and infrastructure components regarding the individual services, applications, networking, connectivity, and storage elements within a company. In layman’s terms, IT operations management is the key to a smooth flow and function behind the work that supports an organization’s inner data information. On a deeper level, ITOM supports various levels of application deployment for all customers and is comprised of various categories such as:

  • Network infrastructure
  • Computer server operations
  • Device management
  • Software provisioning
  • Helpdesk services

The Science Behind IT Operations Management

ITOM is a term used to encapsulate every tool needed to manage the capacity, provisioning, availability, and performance of various environments in the company. This includes the networking, computing, and applications used in day-to-day operations. It also refers to the joint technology strategies of a company, along with other complex organizations in programming talent, business management, and systems administration.

Furthermore, ITOM concerns the organization of software, hardware, and talent acquisition (both employed and contracted) of a business that works to support products or services. To do this, OM teams will need to acquire various resources such as:

  • Laptops
  • Mobile devices
  • Cloud Servers (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud)
  • Onsite or data center hosted servers
  • Software locally installed
  • Software served via the Cloud (SaaS)

Once purchased, these will then need to be configured and maintained by professional IT staff. Inside an organization, overlaps between application management, IT operations management, and technical management can overlap. But it’s important to remember that ITOM serves a distinct function, even if application and technical management can become a part of it.

ITOM is based on the resources and needs of an organization, so it can be customized for all kinds of businesses and industries. As a result, the functionality and operation can vary from one company to the next. Here are some of the key functions and responsibilities of IT operations management:

Network Infrastructure

The network infrastructure refers to how the IT structure of a particular company is designed to work as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Furthermore, it refers to the resources used for business operations, internet connectivity, communications, and management such as:

  • Providing remote access to the organization’s network for authorized users
  • Every networking function for both internal and external communications
  • The management of internal phone systems
  • Managing ports for access to outside servers
  • Resolving issues while monitoring everything related to the network’s resources
  • Installation and configuration of network devices throughout the company
  • Planning and architecting the overall network

Server and Device Management

Server and device management refer to the security technology and management that IT administrators use to manage, secure, and monitor personally-owned or corporate devices over multiple operating systems. It involves the following tasks:

  • Managing storages
  • Managing, installing, and configuring servers
  • Email setup, file server configuration, and authorization
  • Managing the organization’s approved devices such as desktops, laptops, and mobile devices

Operations related to Tier 2 and Tier 3 Support

While not every company can provide Tier 1,Tier2, and Tier 3 support, the most experienced vendors can provide Tier 2 and Tier 3 support if you aren’t able to solve problems using basic troubleshooting. Digital Maelstrom is the team to count on when a customer issue escalates to Tier 2 or Tier 3. Furthermore, bigger issues can be solved at Tier 3, where the highest level of technical skill is required.

This will often include product developers or engineers, where they use their skills to handle even more complex issues. Tier 3 personnel will often get involved when there’s a need for a design enhancement, change, or a bug fix that needs a software update to a product.

The Benefits of IT Operations Management

During the expansion of an organization, its IT applications and infrastructure will continue to grow. As such, IT operations managers will have the responsibility to handle all the growing functions and services in the company. Moreover, IT operations managers need to ensure the stability of all the applications and services the business needs to use.

Here are just a few benefits to excelling in IT operations management:

ITOM Increases Profits

The biggest advantage to adopting ITOM for your business is that it allows your company to do better. Here are just a few ways in which ITOM can help you increase profits:

  • ITOM provides an optimized way to work while lowering operational costs
  • ITOM balances consultants and in-house teams, allowing them to handle bigger projects so that you only pay per project, not the overall people for the year.
  • ITOM develops relationships with other departments, allowing for faster acquisition of software and technology which helps the company hit its initiatives.

When a business performs to its maximum capacity, it will be able to provide quality products and services, allowing you to reap additional profits. As a result, you will be able to attract more customers and stay ahead of the competition.

It Creates Happy Customers

Proper utilization of ITOM will provide the company with superior networking and connectivity, which in turn, will provide your customers with a better experience. For companies that provide tech-based SaaS services, consistency is the key. ITOM will allow you to manage the availability and performance of your business without the need for too much effort but guarantees the happiness of your customers.

Reduces Operational Costs

Having an existing ITOM system, you’ll be better equipped to manage your business’ provisioning capacity while ensuring that everything is working to the fullest extent. Proper use of ITOM can also help to ensure that you lose as little as possible from existing processes. Because of this, an obvious goal for having IT operations management in place is to cut down the costs for your business.

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