Managed IT Brings Power and Freedom

There are two types of people in this world—those who insist on doing everything themselves and those that delegate. Delegation isn’t easy because it takes knowing enough about the project at hand to find the right person for the job. Clearly, you are a delegator, or you strive to be one.  Managed IT reduces in-house operations from bogging you or your team down. It would help if you had the freedom to focus on growing your business, not managing IT.

By outsourcing your operations management and IT services, you gain expert operational oversight; you need to plan using best practices properly, evolve technologically, and execute the critical operational systems that keep businesses moving forward – hopefully, faster than your competitors. Typically, the types of operations management and IT services most outsourced fall under the following categories:

These require developing a solid IT operations program that includes policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines. Not all of these necessitate adding an IT person to your payroll and onboarding them to your company. Instead, deciding whether to hire versus outsource is cut and dry if you realistically assess your current situation against where you want your operations management and IT systems to be.

Here are a few points to consider when deciding if outsourcing is the smart play for your business.

Your IT Budget Needs to Remain in Check

Or at least in proportion to your growth. By outsourcing operations management and IT services, you retain control over costs because you have a project or monthly cost to go by. This is in comparison to your internal staff spending unpredictable hours on operations and IT or the unknown cost to your business by not doing it at all.

You Don’t Have Internal Resources on Hand.

IT and operations experts gain their expertise by working on various platforms, issues, problems, and meltdowns for clients in different industries. In other words, a solution they found for someone else may work for you, or at least give them a good starting place from which to work. Unfortunately, unless your location is one of many of your company’s locations in the U.S. or worldwide, chances are you don’t have the luxury of calling the IT department. Outsourcing your operations management and IT services gives you that peace of mind but in the form of calling your IT company.

Your IT and Operational Needs Have Surpassed Your In-House Expertise

As your business grows, this is bound to happen. Most companies get by for a while by relying on that one team member who knows more about your systems than others do. Eventually, your operational and IT needs will surpass that one person’s knowledge. That one person ends up frustrated who frustrates others when things aren’t operating the way they can and should. Relying on an inexperienced person to handle your IT is costlier in the long run in terms of lost productivity and repairing any damage or inefficiencies caused compared to outsourcing to IT experts. Once in place and streamlined to your process, your outsourced IT can help train your in-house team. Hence, everything and everyone is more efficient and far less frustrated.

You Need Fresh, Unbiased Blood

Because technology often changes much faster than businesses can add headcount or keep up with, many internal IT teams lack either the capacity or the skill set to keep every facet of your IT infrastructure running smoothly. As a result, differences of opinion ensue, and the project stagnates. Outsourcing operations management and IT services bring in the fresh, unbiased blood needed to choose a direction and go forward with it, backed by expertise gained working on projects similar to yours for other businesses.

You Realize You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know.

It’s perfectly natural to somewhat work in a bubble. Your operations are set up. They work. All goes smoothly. Until, BAM! They don’t. Your network goes down thanks to a disaster, malware, whatever. The more connected we are, the more vulnerable we are to such things. Since threats change daily, it’s impossible to be aware of everything that threatens your operations. Outsourced IT pros work in the outside world, and it’s their job to keep up with the latest threats. And, it’s their goal to protect your business from them as much as humanly possible.

It’s said that successful people surround themselves with people smarter than they are. If you’re considering outsourcing your operations management and IT services, then you’ve reached a point in business that you know you can’t grow, much less profitably and efficiently. If any of the above is true for you, it’s time to free yourself from IT overload and get the outsourced operations management and IT services you need.

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