Comprehensive Security Audit

IT Security Audits Check All the Boxes for Successful Implementations

There’s only one way to ensure your network and IT infrastructure requirements line up with your information security program plan. That’s to check off all the boxes during a comprehensive information system audit as the critical first step or to track deviations from an existing program, then work together to go beyond the checkmarks to improve your security posture in meaningful ways.

A detailed, hands-on IT security audit identifies the key tactical steps that should inform your strategic risk assessment and results in a successful implementation.

Information system audits cover the following and more:

  • End-user systems
  • Operating systems
  • Networking structure
  • Security surface
  • Password policies

Give us a complete list of requirements, and we’ll perform a thorough IT security audit to confirm you’re checking all the right boxes. Struggling to build your requirements list? We’ll help you define it prior to beginning the end-to-end information system audit.