Art + Logic

The Problem

Art+Logic operates almost entirely as a distributed virtual office, in which employees are physically located throughout the United States and collaborate via telecommunication. After the sudden departure of their IT operations specialist, A+L struggled with adequately maintaining the functionality and reliability of their virtual office infrastructure.

DM’s Solution

DM optimized A+L’s virtual office environment, increasing uptime, enhancing efficiency, and improving communication. Following this success, we expanded our partnership with A+L. Art+Logic develops software, and we recommended tools and processes that would allow their development efforts to proceed more quickly and respond more flexibly. Later still, in light of our proven track record, DM assumed formal responsibility for running all of A+L’s internal IT processes, and we continue to do so today. We also serve as strategic advisors for questions related to software architecture decisions and the operations implications of competing development approaches.

About Art+Logic

Art+Logic is a custom software development company that works in a variety of programming languages, platforms, and frameworks. Their software development process takes a project, no matter how large, and breaks it down into smaller projects that are well defined and efficiently managed. This process gives clients the chance to evaluate the progress, value, and usefulness of their application in incremental stages, thus helping the project stay on budget, on schedule, and on point.

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