Change Management

Change Management Prepares Your Company For Anything

Change is the only constant. Luckily, our team of IT consultants are here to help your organization handle it with Change Management.

The odds are, only a few key individuals have access to the production stage of your organization’s IT project. With this, these people (oftentimes developers) likely have the credentials to go into staging and make changes. IT change can happen in the form of hardware or software upgrades, new operating systems, and custom software implementation. It could also occur on a smaller scale. These could be things like writing and inserting new code, fixing bugs, and more. Sometimes when people change things in production, they may think they’re making a small change, but they could be unintentionally affecting things on a much larger scale. Digital Maelstrom manages these changes and even reverts back when things go wrong. 

With Digital Maelstrom in charge of change management for your network infrastructure, we ensure all adjustments benefit your organization. Within the scope of our change management services, we protect your production system while change occurs. Our responsibility is making sure that production is stable and consistent from beginning to end. If your company’s developers have been managing your production environment, let us be the gatekeepers for your production environment. We keep your IT environment stable so you can keep your clients happy.

Why Change CONTROL?

Protect a production system when change occurs
CONTROLLED access to production.
DEVELOPMENT goes through a change request process that requires a release plan. Our responsibility is making sure production is stable and consistent AT ALL TIMES.
Manage Change that occurs during upgrades of hardware, software, operating systems, custom software, etc.