Software Implementation

Software IMPLEMENTATION: How it works!

Companies get ideas all the time for new software projects. These types of projects are expensive and challenging. The burning question is: How do I get my idea off the ground? There are many phases to a software project. Which stage is your project currently? Idea? Design? Planning? Budgeting? Implementation? Testing? Operations? Projects like these are where Digital Maelstrom’s service software implementation comes in.

If you are at the stages of ideas, design, planning, or budgeting, we can help. Digital Maelstrom can get your ideas off the ground and into reality. However, there is more! Digital Maelstrom is a full-service company that can provide Strategy and Operations for the software project. Which gives your team peace of mind that we have you covered from beginning to end.

Our Process

  • Both groups sign an NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) 
  • Digital Maelstrom will review the idea.
    • If there is no requirements document(s) already prepared, check out how we can help.
  • Both groups will meet to go over requirements and fine-tune the project expectations.
  • Digital Maelstrom will provide a statement of work.
  • Both groups sign-off on the work
  • We start the project. It’s that simple!