Regal Credit Management

The Problem

Due to the very nature of Regal’s business model, they handle extremely sensitive financial information about each and every one of their clients. During the development of a new phase of their services, Regal was eager to proactively identify and mitigate potential security vulnerabilities, not only to the extent required by law but also to the greater extent required to cultivate a strong network of enthusiastic clients and partners.

The Solution

Based on DM’s established expertise regarding personally identifiable information, we architected and implemented a Salesforce environment in which sensitive information is encrypted at rest as well as in transit, and in which internal access to this data is governed by strict need-to-know policies. We also used the Angular HTML5/JavaScript framework to create a stylish client-facing web enrollment application that lives underneath Regal’s main website. Carefully thought-out input masking, input validation, and logging redaction greatly reduce the chance that a piece of sensitive information might become accidentally recorded in plain text in the course of user interaction, most notably during error handling.

About Regal Credit Management

Regal Credit Management helps clients with everything they need to develop the credit profile they never dreamed possible. For credit building, credit protection, credit restoration, and debt management, they partner with a diverse audience of business management firms, accounting firms, financial planners, wealth advisors, and others who can act as agents for high profile and high net worth individuals. Their certified FICO professionals use cutting-edge credit management strategies that are aggressive, effective, and achieve results. Partner with Regal for comprehensive and long-term financial success.

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