Kansas Asphalt

The Problems

Kanas Asphalt used to conduct their customer relationship management (CRM) through a custom-built software product that they had developed for them by a third party, and they were looking for IT assistance with it. Later, a different third-party orchestrated a migration of their CRM to Salesforce, including management of KAI’s customer accounts, opportunities, and jobs, but afterward, KAI discovered some shortcomings in the implementation. Each of their jobs has many associated documents and photos, and the Salesforce-provided method of file attachment did not grant sufficient storage space and did not allow for grouping into folder hierarchies without an excessively costly upgrade. Additionally, KAI wanted to provide their customers with highly curated access to relevant and appropriate Salesforce data through a web-based customer portal that would be tightly integrated with their existing online presence and branding.

DM’s Solutions

While KAI was still using its previous product, DM enhanced its operational performance and stability. Later, for their Salesforce configuration, we provided two primary services. To address their file attachment issue, DM designed and implemented a mobile-friendly tool within Salesforce that uploads a job’s associated files to Amazon S3 (a cost-effective storage service) and allows for arbitrary user-specified folder hierarchies. For their customer portal, we used the Ionic HTML5/JavaScript framework to create a stylish customer-facing web application that lives underneath KAI’s main website. We also created a companion tool within Salesforce for the purpose of managing customer access to this app. The application pulls precisely the Salesforce data that KAI wishes a customer to see and displays it in precisely the desired format and layout.

About Kansas Asphalt, Inc.

Kansas Asphalt is a formerly local civil construction firm that has grown to a national presence through integrity, hard work and superior customer service. Their services range from residential driveway maintenance to small commercial repairs to large commercial lot replacement and beyond. Particular areas of expertise include asphalt paving, concrete paving, construction management, ADA compliance, asset management, and stormwater drainage. For each customer, a dedicated project manager, who is the single point of contact, ensures that their project stays on time and on budget and that their doors stay open.

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