Migration and Operations In the Cloud

Everyone is going to the cloud but should my company?
The Challenge

XDAM is an enterprise-level Digital Asset Management system, providing the performance, security, flexibility, and features for fast-paced, high-demand production needs. Its easily configurable structure allows all types of businesses to expedite their ideal asset workflows. Files of any type can be uploaded, securely archived, viewed, shared, edited, ranked, compared, assigned metadata, and annotated. Team collaboration involving these files is managed through standardized role-based permissions, automated asset security rules, automated notifications, and multi-role approval tracking. XDAM is rapidly deployable and cost-effective.

In the past, XDAM hosted its custom-built software application on server hardware owned, maintained, and managed internally by the company. The foremost issue with this arrangement was the high per-client cost. Other challenges included maximizing application uptime and maintaining up-to-date backups for disaster recovery.

How digital Maelstrom Helped

Digital Maelstrom suggested, planned, and executed a migration of all hosted XDAM components and data to Amazon Web Services. Because most AWS resources automatically adjust their capacities according to instantaneous demand, costs associated with idle capacity were drastically reduced. In addition, AWS integrates measurements and tools into its services that facilitated substantial improvements in XDAM’s application uptime and disaster readiness. Following this success, Digital Maelstrom began to advise XDAM on their software architecture decisions, especially decisions related to cloud-native capabilities, and on all aspects of their IT security. Today, they retain us for 24/7 operations troubleshooting, and they sometimes engage us to provide them training on dev/ops skill sets.

XDAM intiated other Digital maelstrom services after seeing the benefits of our cloud migration and operation services. XDAM continues to benefit for Digital maelstrom technology knowledge.

Technology used

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