Scrum Methodology & Agile Process Up Your Development Team’s Game

New IT initiatives are always in demand. Many companies have invested in the Agile process or Scrum methodology of project management to better meet that demand, but struggle with educating and implementing new approaches successfully across internal development teams.

Help has Arrived for Scrum Methodology & Agile Process Education and Implementation

Used by software development teams worldwide, Scrum methodology under the Agile process provides an alternative to the traditional “waterfall” project management style by taking an iterative, incremental and flexible approach to projects.

With more than eight years as a certified Scrum Master, our instructor helps your team successfully transition into using the new process—ensuring proper execution of all the core Scrum components, including proper stand-up meetings and retrospectives. We’ll meet with team leadership to understand your team’s unique requirements and work with you to custom build a training curriculum that’s perfect for you.

Our Scrum methodology & Agile process services involve:

  • Guidance in Scrum fundamentals: What they are and how to implement
  • On-site, customized team training
  • Support with first project iterations
  • Help in identifying candidates for certification; however, we do not provide the Scrum certification process
  • Strategies for effectively building on a Scrum foundation for long-term team success