The Problem

Trakkx runs its custom-built software application through Microsoft Azure.¬†After the departure of key IT operations specialists, they reached out to DM for operations assistance. Their operations needs are complicated by the fact that most of Trakkx’s application usage occurs during the overnight hours when few if any employees are awake to be able to monitor for and correct problems in real time.

DM’s Solution

DM assumed responsibility for managing Trakkx’s Azure services, and in addition, they began retaining us for 24/7 on-call support. If application performance degrades too much, or if any users file critical error reports, DM’s on-call system immediately alerts a team member capable of resolving the problem, regardless of the time of day or night. DM has also advised Trakkx on various other matters regarding IT operations and IT security.

About Trakkx

In the land freight shipping industry, Trakkx’s integrated hardware and software solutions bring real-time visibility to the entire supply chain. With next-gen smart pallets, shipper/receiver tools, tracked asset management, broker solutions, and a cloud-based platform, Trakkx creates Disruptive Visibility.

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