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When Off the Shelf Products Are Not Good Enough

Use of Open Source and Programming Frameworks that are well maintained can go a long way.
The Challenge

Momentum Data Systems delivers cutting-edge digital signal processing tools, hardware, software, and systems for a wide range of audio, video, and other signal processing applications. They help customers develop complex real-time systems in a fraction of the time and expense had they tried to do it all themselves.

Momentum Data Systems wanted a content management system (CMS) for their primary product website, but none of the readily available CMS options could quite satisfy their business needs. The requisite customizations would have demanded more development work than would have been justified by the return on investment.

HOW Digital maelstrom helped

Digital Maelstrom  used the Ruby on Rails Refinery CMS as a springboard to develop a tightly tailored CMS specifically for MDS. It provided for every one of their business needs while remaining flexible enough to easily accommodate frequent revisions.

Momentum Data SYstems choose Digital Maelstrom for their expertise in custom software development.

Digital Maelstrom Services used

Technology used

Programming Tech