Founded in 2006 and based in Kansas City, Missouri, Digital Maelstrom is a privately held company serving companies of all sizes with our experienced portfolio of development, operations and security services. We tailor our approach for each client engagement to deliver personalized solutions that fit your specific IT needs—always with integrity and innovation.

Our consultants constantly train and refine their skills in order to remain relevant in information technology and to stay up-to-date on the requirements of current business environments. At the same time, we have extensive experience with legacy systems, and can provide you and your team with the support you need to evolve your current environment from where it is today. The Digital Maelstrom team holds a variety of industry certifications including: CISSP, Certified ScrumMaster, MCSA and others.

Our service philosophy is simple

We believe in collaborating with clients using clear communication and project transparency.

We ensure you thoroughly understand and approve of the process steps, the services we’ll deliver and the expected outcomes and business impact.

We build client relationships that last, based in mutual respect and responsiveness.

We strive to maximize the value of both your existing IT investment and your Digital Maelstrom engagement.

Agile Software Development and Scrum

At Digital Maelstrom, our process is rooted in the Agile Software Development movement. This means we bring rigor and discipline to project management, while still remaining flexible and agile along the way. Our best practice approach combines key elements from the Scrum framework and Kanban methodology, allowing team members to effectively balance new work requests with their available capacity.

This method provides us and our clients with a visual process management system that aligns our custom IT solutions with our clients’ priority needs and ensures projects are consistently delivered within expected budget or time constraints.