When Better Business Demands Better Data Flow: How You’ll Know When It’s Time to Integrate Systems

“It doesn’t matter who we are, what matters is our plan.”

It’s a fitting thought for a superhero, and not a bad one for a growing business, either. Once your aspirations begin to become reality, your achievements grow, but your responsibilities to clients grow even more.

And when those obligations expand, it becomes harder to manage the data flow that powers your business functions. Once you reach that tipping point, it may be time to consider connecting business systems for seamless information sharing and management.

Consider the diverse applications you require to make your business’ sales function work. One to create the lead and win the opportunity. One to plan the project and manage it. One to track your time. One to bill your client. Another to manage an online purchase and integrate back to the one that manages client data.

In the world of small business, much of this data transfer occurs manually. That becomes much less manageable as businesses grow, and the need for efficient data management grows exponentially along with it.

As a rule of thumb, once the data management need increases to the point that the humans doing it can no longer get their primary work done, it’s time to make your systems work harder for you. It’s time to automate what you can, so your human resources can focus their talents on those responsibilities that demand their intellect.

Imagine how differently your teams could perform when the various systems needed to manage your sales and delivery cycle work seamlessly together. From your CRM to your project management system to financial or billing applications, you’ll have created a single, unified data flow that supports your employees – and your clients – efficiently and easily.

You’ll have created a single source of truth for all of the data that powers your business. You’ll improve productivity and limit the risk of costly error.

So, congratulations on creating power! The next step is to embrace your responsibility – to provide your employees with the integrated systems they need to deliver client service excellence. Smart integration is right for your business, and right for your people.

Stronger together–that’s the mantra of IT system integration. Take a look at DM’s system integration services and let’s talk.

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