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CMMC (Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification)


Digital Maelstrom offers a tailored approach to assist organizations in achieving and maintaining compliance with CMMC 2.0 Level 2 requirements. With our expertise in cybersecurity and comprehensive services, we provide organizations with the necessary guidance and support to navigate the complexities of CMMC 2.0 Level 2 compliance. Our tailored approach involves conducting a thorough assessment of the organization's existing cybersecurity practices, identifying gaps and areas of improvement, and developing a customized compliance strategy aligned with the CMMC 2.0 Level 2 framework. At Digital Maelstrom, we understand the significance of CMMC 2.0 Level 2 compliance for organizations seeking to collaborate with the Department of Defense (DoD). Our team of experts works closely with clients to implement the required security controls, processes, and practices needed to protect controlled unclassified information (CUI). We assist organizations in establishing strong access controls, incident response plans, and risk management frameworks. Through ongoing monitoring, auditing, and support, we help organizations maintain compliance, address emerging security challenges, and prepare for CMMC 2.0 Level 2 assessments. With Digital Maelstrom's tailored approach, organizations can enhance their cybersecurity posture, demonstrate their commitment to safeguarding sensitive defense information, and strengthen their eligibility for DoD contracts and partnerships.

List of Industries

  • Defense and Aerospace
  • IT and Managed Service Providers (MSPs)
  • Manufacturing and Engineering
  • Healthcare and Life Sciences
  • Software Development and Technology
  • Financial Services
  • Telecommunications
  • Energy and Utilities
  • Education and Research Institutions
  • Government Contractors

Importance of Compliance

CMMC compliance holds immense importance for organizations seeking to collaborate with the Department of Defense (DoD) or engage in defense-related projects. CMMC establishes a unified framework that assesses and certifies the cybersecurity practices of organizations involved in the defense supply chain. By achieving CMMC compliance, organizations demonstrate their commitment to safeguarding controlled unclassified information (CUI) and protecting national security interests. Compliance with CMMC standards ensures that organizations have implemented robust cybersecurity controls and processes to mitigate risks, prevent data breaches, and enhance the overall resilience of their information systems. It not only strengthens the cybersecurity posture of organizations but also instills confidence in the DoD and other government agencies, increasing their eligibility for defense contracts and collaborations. CMMC compliance serves as a vital requirement to protect sensitive information, maintain the integrity of the defense supply chain, and contribute to the overall national security objectives.

Best Practices

Achieving and maintaining CMMC compliance requires organizations to adhere to several best practices. First and foremost, organizations should conduct a thorough assessment of their current cybersecurity posture to identify gaps and areas of improvement. It is crucial to develop and implement robust security controls aligned with the specific CMMC level being targeted. This includes establishing strong access controls, implementing multi-factor authentication, and regularly patching and updating software and systems. Organizations should also prioritize employee training and awareness programs to foster a culture of cybersecurity and ensure that employees understand their roles and responsibilities in protecting sensitive information. Ongoing monitoring, logging, and auditing of systems and networks are essential to detect and respond to security incidents promptly. Additionally, organizations should maintain detailed documentation of policies, procedures, and controls, as well as conduct regular internal audits and external assessments to continuously improve their cybersecurity practices. By adopting these best practices, organizations can enhance their security posture, demonstrate their commitment to protecting sensitive information, and achieve and maintain CMMC compliance effectively.

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Digital Maelstrom stands out as the premier choice for

compliance due to our profound understanding of these regulations and their broader implications. Our seasoned security experts not only safeguard against legal adherence but also provide invaluable insights into emerging threats and best practices. What truly distinguishes Digital Maelstrom is our customized approach; we collaborate closely with you to align compliance strategies with your specific business objectives and risk management goals.


Security Guidance
Provides expert advice and recommendations to help your company effectively manage and protect against cyber threats.
Security Program
Create, develop, maintain, enforce, and optimize the company’s security program and its related activities.
Application Security Reviews
Perform internal penetration testing, security audits, data classification, and risk assessments for software. Manage independent external testing vendors, where necessary.
Operational Security Reviews
Perform internal penetration testing, security audits, data classification, and risk assessments for the networking assets.
Business Continuity & Disaster Planning
Defined essential recovery time and recovery point objectives to design, implement, and maintain the business continuity and disaster plan.
Client Representation
Present, meet, manage external relationships (clients, vendors, partners, etc) relating the company’s security posture.
Security Architecture Strategy
Review, develop, optimize, and maintain the company’s security framework.