Build Security Into Your Custom Software

Digital Maelstrom’s Secure Software Development eBook is finally here!

Protecting customers and their data has become a perpetual challenge in today’s complex world. How your company reacts to threats and complies with the changing legal landscape can make the difference between being successful or being left behind. Your custom software needs to be secure from the ground up to foster trust with your brand. How does one do that? Check out our Secure Software Development eBook for the answers.

Build Security Into Your Custom Software

Secure Software Development is a major step up from software development as you may know it. In this day and age, having a strong security posture is a necessity for companies conducting business in this technical age. As technology progresses, the capabilities of malicious third parties progresses as well. Digital Maelstrom’s response to this new wave of intelligent hackers? Secure Software Development.

Download how to MAKE YOUR SOFTWARE SECURE eBook:

  • Learn about the laws, regulations, and policies which require secure development as part of their compliance
  • Understand the differences between traditional software development lifecycle and secure software development lifecycle
  • Gain insight into how secure software development protects your custom software
  • Become aware of the array of vulnerabilities that can weaken software to the threats that negatively affect your company.

Check out an excerpt from the ebook

Secure Software Development eBook Cover by Digital Maelstrom
Chapter One: Learn
Learn the Reasons to Utilize Secure Software Development

In 2018, Marriott International announced that their company was subject to one of the largest data breaches in recent history1, with 500 million customers’ information being stolen after a large-scale hack. The company’s earnings lowered significantly as a result, and hundreds of millions of customers lost their trust in Marriott.

This data maelstrom has left many wondering: what went wrong?

An answer might be traced back to a fundamental issue with Marriott International’s website: a lack of secure development. Unfortunately, companies will create their websites without implementing safeguards to deter cyber thieves. These companies are unknowingly allowing their customer’s personal information to be stolen, deleted, or even extorted for financial gain, rather than taking the steps necessary to provide their customers a safe experience on their site.

Luckily, there is a practice that can be utilized by companies to help minimize the risk of malicious cyber-activity: Secure Software Development (SSD). The goal of this book is to help you learn what SSD is and why it matters, understand what differentiates this process from others, gain insight into what occurs during each stage of the cycle, and become aware of the vulnerabilities to software.

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