Build Security Into Your Custom Software

Digital Maelstrom’s Secure Software Development eBook is finally here!

Protecting customers and their data has become a perpetual challenge in today’s complex world. How your company reacts to threats and complies with the changing legal landscape can make the difference between being successful or being left behind. To foster trust with your brand, your custom software needs to be secure from the ground up. How does one do that? Check out our Secure Software Development eBook for the answers.

Build Security Into Your Custom Software

Secure Software Development is a major step up from software development as you may know it. In this day and age, having a strong security posture is a necessity for companies conducting business in this technical age. As technology progresses, the capabilities of malicious third parties progresses as well. Digital Maelstrom’s response to this new wave of intelligent hackers? Secure Software Development.

Download the complete Secure Software Development eBook to:

  • Learn about the laws, regulations, and policies which require secure development as part of their compliance
  • Understand the differences between traditional software development lifecycle and secure software development lifecycle
  • Gain insight into how secure software development protects your custom software
  • Become aware of the array of vulnerabilities that can weaken software to the threats that try to negatively affect your company.
Secure Software Development eBook Cover by Digital Maelstrom
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