Sensor Networks

The Problem

Sensor Networks’ custom-built sensor hardware uses server-based software, also custom-built, as the interface that consolidates and processes the collected data. At first, Sensor Networks was simply looking for an IT partner to assist in managing the associated IT operations. They then engaged DM to troubleshoot a particularly challenging obstacle: in many physical locations where their sensors were deployed and accessed, the available cellular data signal was unreliable, so crucial transmissions of sensor data to the server often failed.

DM’s Solution

For Sensor Networks’ general IT operations, DM designed and implemented a software development architecture that enhances synergy between development, quality assurance, and production environments. One key result of this is a significant improvement in production application uptime. To address the server communication issue, DM engineered a local server environment capable of running on a handheld tablet that makes many essential data processing actions available even in the absence of a reliable network connection. Through the use of Oracle VirtualBox, DM ensures that server deployments to designated tablet hardware are precise, straightforward, and highly scalable.

About Sensor Networks, Inc.

In the specialized fields of ultrasonic and remote visual technologies, Sensor Networks delivers smarter solutions with a personalized approach. Their ultrasonic tools enable remote, non-intrusive monitoring of corrosion and erosion in power generators, refineries, and more using the latest solid-state electronics, wireless and/or wired technologies, cloud-based software, and innovative ultrasonic transducer designs. For visual inspections, their remote camera system is ideal for tanks, vessels, drums, piping systems, and other confined spaces; and their foreign object search and retrieval tools are suitable for a wide range of environments, including hazardous ones.

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