Health Outcome Sciences

The Problem

The login identity management aspect of HOS’s software platform had become unnecessarily complex and unwieldy. A significant contributor to this was the fact that HOS has multiple clients with distinct requirements for their user authentications.

DM’s Solution

DM modified HOS’s existing platform code to utilize the identity management services and single sign-on (SSO) capabilities of Microsoft Azure’s Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS). This centralized and greatly streamlined HOS’s identity management processes. This also granted their clients the ability to authenticate their own users at will, subject to restrictions defined by HOS.

About Health Outcomes Sciences

Health Outcomes Sciences provides instantaneous access to predictive health models at the point of medical care, wherever and whenever clinical decisions are most critical. Models are evidence-based, validated, and peer-reviewed, and the data required to run them can be synthesized in real time from any number of systems.

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